Are you interested in an opportunity to sell your work at the Craft Shop at Matakana Country Park?

As a potential member, you are asked to submit samples of your products to the Craft Shop for appraisal along with the Application Form.

You will be advised within one month as to whether your application has been accepted or declined. Your products will be appraised by the members of the Executive Committee which manages the Craft Shop. (The cost to return any items to you will be your responsibility.)
Upon acceptance into the Craft Shop, you will be asked to sign an agreement between yourself and the Craft Shop and there will be a three month period when either party may withdraw from the contract.

There will be a $25 membership subscription payable to the Treasurer. This is a onetime, non-refundable payment and is meant to be paid before any items are put out for sale in the shop.

There are two types of membership at the Shop.

A Full member pays a 25% commission to the Craft Shop on sales in the shop. This member performs approximately 2 to 3 shop duty days per month and is encouraged to participate in the operation of the Craft Shop.

An Associate member pays a commission rate of 45% on goods sold in the Craft Shop and does not participate in the operations of the shop.

Just email us if you have any questions   Contact us    or drop by for a chat.

You can also download an application form which we ask that you present together with your work.

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