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Pauline Brooks
Pauline moved to New Zealand from England. She loves knitting.
It keeps her busy and helps her to keep her brain busy, too. She likes knittng cable and patterns.She finds it relaxing.

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Jennifer Arnerich

Jennifer and her husband are relatively new comers to Algies Bay. They lived in Mt Eden for nearly 30 years where they had their four children.
Jennifer always felt land locked in Mt Eden and yearned to live by the sea. Now that she is here the scenery and the sea birds are an inspiration to take photos of, and to paint. Her greeting cards and paintings (Acrylics) are made with great love for this area of "In and Around Kawau Island".
Jennifer is a member of Kowhai Art and Craft and has done various art workshops including one in Italy and one in Monhegan Island, Maine.

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Helen Blomfield
With over 40 years experience in horticulture, floristry, art and photography coupled with an extensive knowledge of New Zealand's stunning landscape and flora, Helen has developed a deep passion for creating these unique pictures that share our wonderful country and culture.
No two are the same but you can choose from the background photos I have taken or send me one of your own that perhaps holds special memories , either from a holiday or just a view that has a special meaning.
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Lorraine Brown
Lorraine is a resident of Rodney and lives in Algies Bay.
Her fascination for photography started as a child using a Box Brownie camera. This led her to collect a wide range of camera models from 1891-1970's. A photo-journalism background has provided a marvellous training ground to make a wide range of prints, including scenic and sport, crafts and portraits.

Q: What makes you express your creativity?
A: I see photography as a passion and an opportunity to capture an emotion I have toward a unique scene. To freeze that moment in time, so myself, family, friends, and the public can enjoy the picture form.

Lorraine's portfolio includes frames, canvas, photo blocks, greeting cards, and she has plans to experiment with other medium's in the future.

Rodney Art Award winner Photoart exhibitions in the Rodney District Photography & Travelwriting Diploma.
Finalist Cathay Pacific Award
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Ann Croker
Ann discovered the craft of BOOKBINDING about 15 years ago and has been hooked on it ever since.
She uses a range of binding methods but her favorites are the old 4th cent Coptic, and the Long Stitch. They both form strong bindings and result in books that will open out flat.
Ann makes a range of books including notebooks and journals (some with inspirational quotations and poems), albums, and visitor's books. As a member of the Association of Bookbinders she is always learning, and enjoys experimenting with different methods and techniques of book art. Ann also makes a range of CARDS, and CHARTS for framing, mainly using her own flax paper.

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Gloria Cunningham

Gloria has always loved sewing.
She learned how to sew on her mother's treadle machine when she was a young girl.
She made all her own clothes in her younger years and later sewed for her four children when they were young.
She has worked at a sewing factory and a knitting factory, and she made showroom samples for a well known Kiwi designer.

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Penny Highfield

Penny was born in New Zealand. In 1982 she started out as a stall holder at Saturday markets growing plants. Then went on to joining the Craft Co-op and has been part of the Co-op for 25 years. She started making cards and still does. Some of them are wax art, which are made by using an iron. Her interests have changed over the years. Now Penny is doing beading. (earrings, bracelets and necklaces). The latest challenge is kiln fired glas pendants and earrings. Penny loves making these. She also decorates books and pads and does scrapbooking. As a hobby she also breeds birds.

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Berenice Howard

Berenice has enjoyed making pottery as a hobby for 20 years. Playing bowls is another favorite.
She lives at Leigh has 3 grown up children and 2 grandchildren.
She was once a warehouse manager and also owned a dairy and a children's-wear shop among other occupations.

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Colleen Kangwai
Colleen has been painting for more than 20 years in UK with various teachers, and did a course at the Hangzhou Art Academy in 2001.
In the past 3 years she has been attending refresher courses on Chinese brush painting and Chinese calligraphy at the Auckland University Confucius Institute.
Practice at Chinese calligraphy helps her very much with Chinese brush strokes in painting. She holds classes in Snells Beach.
As well as framed paintings, she does small paintings for cards. Most of the cards are from handmade paper, which she makes too. Each card is a unique painting, plus a Chinese seal. Lately she has been making hand-made books, some of which are suitable for children.
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Mags Krey

Mags has been potting for around 15 years, starting with a group of potters at Kowhai Art & Craft.
She enjoys creating outoor sculptures, works mostly with stoneware or terracota clay.

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Marianne Mischler

Marianne is a potter. She makes hand built animal sculptures and wall hangings.
She uses stoneware or earthenware clay.
Each piece is constructed individually by coiling, pinching and various modeling techniques.
Recently she started to experiment with Raku firings.

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Joyce Pears

Joyce went to folkart lessons with Elaine Fern over 13 years ago, when she first came to Snells Beach. Joyce had her work displayed at the Top 5 Crafts shop for some years, before she joined the Craft Shop at Matakana Country Park. She decorates als sort of objects, like buckets, flowert pots and a big variety of wall plaques. She also knits tea cosies which are coming back into favour again.

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Margaret Sowry
Margaret's first introduction to working with fabric came as a 10 year old making clothes for her dolls and Teddy bear out of any scraps she could find.
She grew up in an age where the art of hand sewing, embroidery and knitting was learned from her mother and aunts. It was taken for granted that girls learned these skills at home and school.
At 15 she started an apprenticeship which saw her experimenting on family members and friends.
After marriage my skills came in handy, clothing four children and making pocket money.
However now that those years are behind her she finds great pleasure in making many kitchen articles and sharing in the friendship and support of the Craft Shop environment.
She tends to use fabric with a New Zealand theme and they have proved to be very popular.
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Jayne Maria Sprott

Diploma of Applied Arts (Visual Arts)

New Zealand artist and printmaker Jayne Maria Sprott lives in Kerikeri Northland. She has always marvelled at the unique beauty of her country's scenery, its beaches, native fauna and wildlife. She loves to paint the real "essence" so it lingers on creating a feeling of warmth and of "being there".
Mostly self taught, she works mainly in acrylics, mixed media, oil pastels, watercolour and pen and ink, Jayne's style is mostly representational. As well as native birds, much of her art depicts Northland, Bay of Islands, and the Far North.
Jayne's versatility has led her as well into the impressionist art-form, influenced by Claude Monet. Her waterlily paintings were inspired by her visit to Monet's gardens in Giverny, France. Photography and printmaking are her other passions.
Having had many solo exhibitions, Jayne has also participated in group exhibitions including the Academy of fine Arts Wellington, Mairangi Bay Art Society, Doubtless Bay Society of Arts and Northtec Kerikeri. She was a finalist in the Telecom art awards, and several of her paintings have featured in the finalist category of the Australian and International Artist Magazine competitions. Jayne owned and operated a studio/art gallery in Mangonui and is an accomplished art tutor, specialising in acrylics, watercolour, gouache, oil pastel, and pen and wash. Establishing "The Art Class" in 1994 in Doubtless Bay, Jayne and her students successfully exhibited. She presently tutors in Kerikeri. Many of her paintings are painted by commission, and much of her art is in corporate and private collections in NZ and overseas. She exhibits her works in selected galleries and outlets. Her work is available as originals and reproductions, limited editions, framed mounts, mounts, cards and blocks.

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